MIDNIGHT SOCIETY (2009 - 2012)

In October of 2009, I began my freelance career by teaming up with photographer Christian Nam in building Midnight Society: a multidisciplinary studio catering toward clients in need of a range of artistic services. Throughout its lifespan, I joined forces with multiple other creatives, such as designers Juan Pilar and Ben Radcliffe, illustrators Max Weber and Matt Girouard, photographers Brad Meyer and Louie Abellera, and videographer Christian Moffitt. We also collaborated briefly with recording engineer Travis Brown as well as screenprinting companies Upstate Merch and Merchfits in an effort to cover even more creative services. It was not until December of 2012 that I decided to disband the studio in order to put more into my personal design career.

I built Midnight Society from the ground up without much command over my design skills and even less business sense. However, after four years, it has served as the foundation of my craft and has been an invaluable learning experience.

11:11 APPAREL (2012-2013)

11:11 Apparel was established by Heather Tunches in 2009. Inspired by her core beliefs of optimism and faith in oneself, she set out to create a clothing line with a message reflecting those values. I was contacted by Heather in May of 2012 to design a few pieces for her Spring / Summer line. After a successful drop, it was decided that I would design the entire Fall / Winter line. With this release, I had rebranded 11:11 by designing a new logo and coming up with a new tagline, "Crafted From Optimism". I was given much more freedom of direction and created four designs printed on six pieces. Dropping with a brand new website, the F/W range was 11:11's most successful release yet.

As one of my most ambitious projects to date, I challenged myself to design the entire Spring / Summer '13 range by hand. In doing so, I had created some of my favorite concepts for the brand. The line dropped in July with three new designs on six different pieces. Although very lucrative, I decided to end my time with 11:11 shortly afterward.



I am a self-taught graphic artist operating just outside of Chicago, Illinois. I specialize in design and art direction encompassing the areas of apparel, branding, and print. My freelance career began four years ago with the founding of Midnight Society, a project that aimed to branch out and form a multidisciplinary studio catering toward clients in need of a range of artistic services. Following this experience, I decided to close the studio and set out on my own in late 2012.

I'm always accepting new clients, so shoot me an email at hello@cameronlatham.com if you'd like to work together!


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